Get started with the 369 manifestation method, today!

If you tapped this article, you’re probably aware of the power of your words and intentions. With the 369 manifestation method, we’ll dig deeper into that. A lot of women have gone before you, resulting in a lot of manifested apartments, jobs and friendships. Curious about how this method can manifest what your heart truly desires? Continue reading.

Recently I've been added to the Girls Who Manifest Facebook group. The group consists mainly of African-American women who are interested in the power of manifestation. From beginners to advanced. It was in this group that I discovered the 369 manifestation method and decided to delve into it. There are a number of things that I would like to see manifested ;p. Below I’ll explain to you what I now know about the method myself, how best to apply it and why it may not work (right away).