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Why does your membership only include Black women?

We believe that Black women are in need of a safe space. A place filled with women who look, act, and think like them. And even though it's important to be a part of society, we believe that we can fulfill our roles within society better with our sister standing behind us.

I have severe trauma and mental health issues, will the guides and events still help me?

even though we often work with mental health professionals, we would advise you to seek one-on-one counseling if your problems are severe. Our guides and meet-ups might not be enough to help you work through your mental health issues and trauma.

I'm not happy with my guide/printable and would like a refund.

unfortunately, we don not refund guides and printables, as they will be in your possession and can't be returned to us (completely). Each guide and printable contains a preview. We advise you to make your choice based on that preview.

I would like to cancel my membership.

your membership can be canceled in your Melaninfinity Society account or by sending an email to contact@melaninfinitymagazine.com. your access to our online membership will be discontinued and possible discount or free access to events will be revoked.