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Melaninfinity Society is an online and offline society for black women* in the Netherlands. we aim to create a safe space from which our members can grow into the best version of themselves. we know how difficult it can be to make the most of your life with the cards you've been dealt. Especially if those cards contain things like poverty, racism, and childhood trauma. But there is always a way to living the life that suits you best if you put in the work. And that's what we're here for. To guide you, empower you, and educate you through life.

With Melaninfinity society, we offer women guidelines for growth and knowledge about life to become the best version of themselves. Melaninfinity was founded in response to the growing need for an online magazine and a society that caters to black millennial women. But it has now grown into an online community of awesome and confident babes. 

* our membership is everyone who identifies as a woman. We choose the term women over womxn, because we believe it to be more inclusive.

Tabitha & Jaël

melaninfinity society was founded by Tabitha Girigori (31) and Jaël Hofwijks (28). They've been working together for a couple of years now and are the perfect match. why? Because their characters are so different. the "everything you're not" line definitely applies to them. 

Tabitha is a multi-talented creative, who never says no to chocolate. Tabitha is specialized in finances and supports others in getting theirs right. Jaël is a content creator and writer, but most proud of her title as the mother of her 5-year-old. Jaël is specializing in spirituality, holistic living, and child-care.

girl with headwrap

jaël Hofwijks

tabitha girigori

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