Melaninfinity Society is the community of Melaninfinity Magazine, an online lifestyle platform, created by and for Afro-Dutch Women. Within our society we aim to educate, to build, and to empower.

Our Melaninfinity Society is an online (and soon offline) membership with direct access to lifestyle guides, masterclasses, group chats and more.

With Melaninfinity we offer women guidelines for growth and knowledge about self, so they can become the best version of themselves. Melaninfinity was founded in response to the growing need for an online magazine and a society that caters to the black millennial women. But it has now grown into an online community of awesome and confident babes. 


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Jaël Hofwijks

Jaël is the founder of Melaninfinity Magazine and the co-founder of Melaninfinity Society.

Tabitha Girigori

Tabitha is the co-founder of Melaninfinity Society.

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